After a very full week away to check on our old stompin’ grounds (which gave me unlimited fodder to be used here later), this Mama worked hard all this Monday to keep the stress of being away, away.  Instead of unpacking, running millions of errands, and making 15 phone calls, I began a pilot program on how I will, henceforth, adjust to coming back from a trip.  It’s a work in progress, but it goes something like this:

1) Get ourselves to the park.  Sweat it out when it’s 95 degrees and 85 % humidity at 10 a.m.  Must. Play. Outside.  No exceptions.

2) Leave the kids alone.  Let them play with the toys they missed while we were away.  Let them settle in and work it out through their play.  Resist the temptation to ask anything more of them.

3)  Utilize books-on-tape, so that a load of laundry can get thrown in, Little can have a nap, and one or two (but not fifteen) phone calls can get made.

4) SIT DOWN.  Read an old Childcraft book about trains and planes and space age stuff that, as of yet, has not come to pass.  Talk about it and read some more.

5)  Go to SouleMama to see what she’s been cookin’ up lately.  Be inspired by her inspirations, like 101 Cookbooks, and plan some yummy meals and get to the store.  Ideally, take Sweet Husband along to knock-out shopping speedily so there’s still time to go for a long walk and have sushi for dinner.

6)  Be sure Big and Little get baths, since it will have probably been about a week since their last one.  The pool counts for something, right?

7)  Remember that it took almost a week to get ready to be gone for a week and that it will take about a week to catch-up from being gone a week.  Breathe.  Laugh.  Remember that they will grow up with lightning speed and that I will miss it if I sweat the small stuff all the time.